facts about korea
introduction of korea
introduction of korea
Introduction of Korea

Eligible Applicants

   • People who wish to teach foreign languages at language institutes, primary schools or above, or other educational facilities.
   • The applicant must be a native speaker who has attended an English-speaking university/college and obtained a bachelor's, Master's, or doctoral degree and preferably from the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. A degree from a French/Other Language-speaking university is not a sufficient qualification to teach English.

New Policy (Effective January 1, 2011)
   • All E2 visa applicants must have an interview at the Korean Embassy/Consulate Office (Please check with the local offices to acquire assigned interview location(s) for each country).
   • Applying for visas by mail is acceptable. However, an interview will be held face to face with a consul unless informed otherwise.
   • All E2 visa applicants, except those who worked previously with an E1, E2, E3 visa in Korea without any illegal activities, must be an each countries passport holder.

Step1. Required documents to obtain a visa issuance confirmation Number
☞ Teacher submits the following documents(A-G) to the school using FedEx, DHL, or UPS

   • Must be issued within the last 6 months by government Notarization on the original certificate is required with Apostille stamp
   * Canada: Consular Seal must be affixed by Korean Consulate after notarized by a notary public registered in government; United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland: Notarize at the Apostille office in their own country (the location of Apostille offices should be acquired by their Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Submit one of the documents as a followed for verifying purposes:
   • Copy of degree or Certificate of degree completion from University notarized by APOSTILLE stamp
   * In Canada, Consular Seal must be affixed by Korean Consulate after notarized by a notary public registered in government

    • Complete Health self-assessment form

D. Contract
    • 2 original copies of signed contract.

E. Photocopy of teacher's passport

F. 4 passport size photos

G. Resume

Step2. School submits teacher's documents to Korean immigration office.
to obtain Visa issuance number

Step3. Teacher applies for the E-2 visa interview to the nearest Korean consulate.
in person or by mail with the following documents:
   • Visa issuance number or letter
   • Visa application form
   • Original passport
   • Copy of the passport
   • Visa application fee (check with the local office)
   • 2 passport sized photo (5 cm x 5 cm)
   • Contact information of the employer: School Name, Address, Phone Numbers

Step 4. Teacher has an interview with a consul and receives original passport with
the E2 visa stamp
.(within 5 business days)

Step 5. School or Teacher purchases an economy class flight ticket to South Korea
from the nearest airport to the teacher's home.

(In case Teacher purchases the ticket, School will reimburse it later.)

Step 6. Teacher gets the medical check up to report to the immigration office after
the arrival.

   • Visit a general hospital or community health clinic to obtain Medical Exam Certificate in order to apply for Alien Registration at a local immigration office within 90 days of arrival